Tein Comfort Sport Cruising Master: Nissan 350Z 03+

Tein Comfort Sport Cruising Master: Nissan 350Z 03+
Item# GSP24-KUAS3
Retail Price: $2,100.00
CIP Price: $1,890.00

Product Description

The Comfort Sport Damper has been specifically designed for drivers seeking to improve performance, without sacrificing ride quality. Vehicle sway is reduced to increase stability during cornering and increase handling. This coilover kit features a special fluorocarbon coating to protect against corrosion. The mono tube internal design with new MSV technology allows for smooth and quiet operation. Ride height and damping force adjustable (16-levels), as well as EDFC compatible. Developed with larger wheels and tires in mind, the spring rates and damping force provides the perfect balance of performance and comfort.

Steel Construction
Mono Tube internal construction
16 way adjustable dampers, compression and rebound combined
M.S.V. Technology for improved comfort
Ride Height adjustable via spring seat
Hardened Rubber upper mounts with silencer ring for increased steering feel
Inverted design for strut type front and rear
Teflon coated shock body
EDFC Compatible
1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty