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Blow Off Valves
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HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve Kit (Universal)
HKS Super Sequential Blow-Off Valve (SSQV) is a dual stage pull-type relief valve. Unlike typical push type blow-off valves, the SSQV will not leak under any level of boost. For maximum performance, the HKS SSQV incorporates both a small primary valve for ultra quick activation, and a larger secondary valve for additional discharge capacity. The SSQV is constructed of billet aluminum, which ensures long-term durability and a high luster look. The mounting base utilizes a circular mounting flange that combines with a C-clip snap ring and O-ring gasket to insure an excellent seal. The triple-fin discharge port design produces a powerful, unique and aggressive blow-off sound.
HKS SSQV BOV Recirculation Fitting
HKS SSQV Re-Circulation Fitting inserts enable the SSQV to reroute discharged compressed air back into the intake stream to create a closed loop system to prevent bogging / stumbling of rich air/fuel ratio conditions in mass-air sensor equipped vehicles.

Note: Fitting size is 1 inch in diameter