Item# 163039
Retail Price: $800.00
CIP Price: $760.00

Product Description

NOTE: The Solid conversion requires both the Camshafts & Valve Springs to be upgraded.

This is an absolute must for achieving higher horse power applications. You'll need this when you want more power and reliability.

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Mitsubishi had chosen to use the lash adjuster (hydraulic system) for the 4G63 cylinder head for mass production efficiency, maintenance free and quieter operation. The best way to get more power from the 4G63 engine is to convert it to the solid system which is by far more superior in allowing running more aggressive camshaft profiles. The Solid conversion helps with more efficient opening and closing of the valves and therefore helps improve response throughout higher RPM ranges. This product has a height adjustment function via a screw lock system which eliminates the use of shims so costs are reduced and improves running efficiency. This is best used in conjunction with the other solid upgrade products from Tomei Powered for the 4G63.