OS Giken limited slips are by far the best performing and most reliable units available out there. Why?? Here are just a few reasons and some tidbits of info for you to remember and use to impress your friends and customers!

Since released to the public in 2000, there have been ZERO failures of a production unit, and ZERO rebuilds necessary at any level, from street use to professional racing. This is possible because of the superior engineering, materials, and manufacturing processes used by OS:

- Billeted and Heat-treated case (not found on most competitors’ units)
- Forged internals, and RAW-forged gear teeth (strongest gears available anywhere)
- More disks+larger disks = more friction surface area to dissipate heat and allow true 100% locking capability. OS units typically house TWICE as many disks as competitors units (up to 28+ plates)
- Ultra-precise disk machining, which means the unit is ready to perform immediately after installation… NO BREAK-IN PERIOD REQUIRED!
- Non-intrusive cone spring design prevents unnecessary wear and results in consistent and reliable performance over the long-term.
- 100% locking and unlocking capability: True 100% lock results in no moving components= no heat generation. The main reason other limited-slips fail is because too much heat is generated, since true 100% lock cannot be achieved. OS has yet to see one of their Super-Lock LSD’s fail in the field!

Just to compare, take a look. The OS Super-lock LSD is on the bottom, and a Kaaz unit is on the top. Look at the differences: - Number of disks
- Case coloring (shiny Kaaz case=no heat treating)
- Cone springs on end: OS design is smaller and the case shape allows it to escape the heat and pressure generated by the disks

Take a look at this picture! tHE OS unit is on the left, and a Kaaz unit is on the right… look at the amount of disks each can hold!