Driveshaft Shop Aluminum Driveshaft for Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ

Driveshaft Shop Aluminum Driveshaft for Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ
Item# TOSH86-A
Retail Price: $449.99
CIP Price: $449.99

Product Description

Now available is the 1-piece 3.5" Aluminum CV Driveshaft for the all new Scion FR-s and Subaru BRZ. This 1-piece shaft will eliminate the factory 2-piece shaft, hanger bearing and rubber couplers, and includes aluminum adapter plates to mount to the transmission and differential. This aluminum shaft uses a 300M stub system mounted into a billet aluminum plate to mount the CV. This ensures not only strength, but lighter weight than the normal way of doing this type of end (look closely at the CV, end its not all steel). After it is assembled the driveshaft is high-speed balanced on one of the most sophisticated balancing machines in the industry.The shaft is significantly lighter than the factory (weighs approximately17lbs), increasing throttle response, acceleration and driveability on a higher horsepower car. Also comes with special grade 12.9 hardware for the aluminum adapter plates. We have been using this Billet aluminum style plate for over 10 years on thousands of 1000+HP Supras, BMW's and many more with out any bolt issues. Rated to 1000HP+ with a 1-year warranty.