Driveshaft Shop 600hp Axles for FR-S / BRZ

Driveshaft Shop 600hp Axles for FR-S / BRZ
Item# DSS-RA8600X2
Retail Price: $974.97
CIP Price: $974.97

Product Description

The Driveshaft Shop has been working with some of the top Drift teams on this set of axles and are happy to announce the new 600HP Level 2 axles. Starting with the direct-fit billet chromoly outer CV from our Subaru axles, 300M center bars made from the material we are getting out of Sweden, which is by far some of the best material we have used to date. We then went on to make the inner splines out of the same material, and used a 108mm Porsche-style inner CV with upgraded chromoly internals to top it off. This set of axles was designed with punishment in mind so don't be easy on them.

Fits: Scion FR-S Driveshaft Shop 600HP Rear Axles

Subaru BRZ