Cusco Coperl Clutch Set for Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ

Cusco Coperl Clutch Set for Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ
Item# Cusco-965-022-G
Retail Price: $852.00
CIP Price: $852.00

Product Description

LIGHTWEIGHT - Cutting edge thin clutch disc enables a sharp response and feel. By developing the clutch disc and clutch cover as a set, we aimed for ultimate thinness and lightness. This resulted in less mass (inertia) and resulted in shortening the shift time (synchronizer).

PRESSURE - Clutch engagement at high revs occurs with ease. The reinforced clutch cover is capable of approximately 1000kg/f (depending on the car to a degree).The set's bore size can match for high power handling transmissions.

STRENGTH & DURABILITY - Strong enough to withstand the toughest of all driver treatments. Overwhelmingly thin, heat resistant and durable, the clutch disc and pressure plate have increased strength. The strap plate that connects the pressure plate and clutch cover has also been greatly reinforced.

Weighs 38% lighter than factory OEM Holds 1176.8 kgfm