Battle Version Rear Camber Arms: Nissan 350Z

Battle Version Rear Camber Arms: Nissan 350Z
Item# BVRCA350Z
Retail Price: $350.00
CIP Price: $275.00

Product Description

One of the biggest problems with the 350Z/G35 suspension design is the camber increase you get as you lower your car. Battle Version Rear Camber Links are designed to not only fix rear camber problems but to also improve performance by replacing the rubber bushings with rod ends.

Another big problem after you adjust your rear camber to spec comes with running out of rear toe adjustment. Having too much rear toe will cause your tires to wear out faster then camber, so please be careful setting up your suspension and take it to someone who knows what they are doing. Not just any alignment shop. Battle Version will be releasing some new products to help these suspension problems for your 350Z and G35 soon.